Cadence… The steady rhythm of sound, reliable, rental income returns.

Purchasing real estate can bring with it a lot of moving parts, responsibilities and stresses. It can also bring substantial returns and add solid diversification to your property portfolio. With your purchase of a commercial NNN TIC property, you can still be involved in decisions relating to the property but will have more time to focus on other more important interests than you might have in the past. Although mostly hands-off, there remains the need for co-owner representation to the tenant and to each other. This is where Cadence Property Administrators steps in.

Cadence serves as a third-party Property Administrator for the type of property you own. In addition to who we are and what we offer, this website includes an Owner Portal for protected access to all documents related to co-owner interests, including monthly and annual owner and tax statements. When contracted, Cadence will serve and support all co-owners in a property throughout the term of their ownership. Please click here for a summary of Administration Services.

Many owners contract with Cadence at property closing in a smooth, easy, transaction. If you are an owner in a similar property and are looking to make a change, please consider Cadence. This would have to be a group decision based on the terms and conditions of your existing management agreement. Cadence administers at the property level and not at the owner level, meaning we cannot represent just a few co-owners in a property while others use another company. This is outlined in the TIC agreement and is necessary for coordinated decision making and payment distribution.

Lastly, and very importantly, Cadence offers a coordinated and structured process to assist you in the sale of your ownership interest, should that reality arise. Few owners do exit early, but if this is necessary, Cadence will not only coordinate between co-owners, but also share your information with all opt-in clients who own similar interests in other properties. Click here for link to Resale information.

Thank you for your business or interest in coming aboard. Assuring your peace of mind and confidence that your interests are well represented is our highest priority.