Noahs Exterior Image

Situated on the beautiful Ohio River, the thriving city of Louisville is the largest in the state of Kentucky. The metropolitan area is home to more than 1.4 million residents and some 39,000 businesses. Greater Louisville’s geographic location offers a distinct economic advantage as it provides access to two-thirds of the U.S. population within one day’s drive. The region has emerged as a major center for shipping and logistics, healthcare and medical sciences, high tech and manufacturing. Iconic brands like KFC, Maker’s Mark and Louisville Slugger along with world-class companies such as UPS, GE and Humana call the area home. Gallup recently ranked Louisville in the top 10 cities for job creation, while Forbes names it one of America’s most affordable cities. The combination of excellent quality of life and low cost of living make Louisville a great place to live and do business. Every year the world-renowned Kentucky Derby horse race is held in Louisville.

Included in the Noah’s floor plan are the following; the main hall, the board room/bride’s room, the game room/large conference room, and the theatre/medium conference room. The four-star interior and exterior are impeccably clean and well-maintained and provide a comfortable and classy environment for customers. Each room is also well equipped technologically with state of the art audio visual equipment as well as security and lighting.

Consumers love the flexibility that Noah’s offers, as they are able to do their own event planning and catering or outsource it to a professional.

Noah’s operations at this facility are very recession-resistant as it serves to support important life events and essential business meetings while allowing patrons to customize the use of the space to meet their specific needs and conform to their individual budget. Noah’s corporate clients include: Intel, Apple, Wells Fargo, Home Depot, PepsiCo and American Express.

In summary, this top-quality; state-of-the-art, commercial building is located in a highly desirable area that is
experiencing tremendous growth. Noah Corporation has committed to a long-term lease and is poised to execute an innovative business model that is meeting a previously underserved need and is ideally positioned for sustainable success at this location now and in the future.

Noah’s Corporation is quickly becoming a national brand, with active expansion in several markets. Today you can find Noah’s operating in Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois with other projects in various phases of site acquisitions and development.