In the event you wish or need to sell your ownership interest in your TIC property at any time, Cadence is set up to assist. We will also assist you even if you are not a current client of Cadence.

Most investor owners get in for the long-term, but life happens, and available exit strategies are important to understand. Just knowing there is a coordinated process and structure to assist you should assure you that you’ve made a solid investment. As you know, TIC ownership is true real estate ownership and not a liquid security. It will take effort and time to sell, but Cadence can help facilitate that transition smoothly and professionally.

Besides minimal fees for help all the way through closing (if you choose to use our services), Cadence does not charge commission or exclusively represent you. If you wish to market your property to the outside public, we would love to quote against other agents for your business.

Please download the documents included here for review. Upon completion, please email the Resale Template to and we will contact you soon thereafter.